Verso.ink is about connecting authors with a broader audience and helping readers discover new work.

One of the most difficult challenges you face, as a writer, is obscurity. While you're perfectly happy writing, marketing is often a bridge too far.

Many aspiring authors have a wonderful book, but lack the wherewithal to get it out into the world.

But while writing a book is hard enough, marketing it takes the endeavor to a whole new level of difficulty.

Verso.ink was built with you in mind. We're here to promote the best work and help get it out into the world.

The Team

Husband/wife duo Andrew and Caren Hahn are behind Verso.ink

Andrew has worked with authors big and small for the majority of my career and one of the most prevalent concerns is marketing. How do I build my list? How do I get a following? He built Verso.ink to help authors break out of obscurity.

Caren, a life-long book lover and author with discerning tastes in what she reads. Verso.ink is the answer to helping other discover the best emerging work. She ensures the work featured on the site meets the community standards and promotes the top-tier work.