Write more, market less.

Grow your audience passively by leveraging the most effective marketing strategy combination: high-quality work + word-of-mouth.

Verso.ink works to promote the best work by emerging authors by encouraging you to spend more time writing.

Authors upload first chapters and short stories, readers vote, and the best work floats to the top‚ where it gets more exposure.

Additionally, you can include links to your existing social media channels, email newsletter sign-ups, and direct links to your work on Amazon.

We're looking for the best emerging authors to promote to our growing audience.

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Share first chapters

Give the reader a taste of your book without you giving away your entire book. Categorize and tag it to find new readers.

Readers vote

As readers up-vote your work, it floats to the top where it gets even more exposure.

We promote

The top work gets promoted to our growing audience. More readers see your books, read your bio, and connect with you on social media.

Write more, market less.

Shorts and samples

Simplify marketing by pointing your readers to your work on Verso.ink and let it speak for itself.

Novel marketplace

Combining your work with other authors' work lifts everyone, increases your visibility, and exposes your work to a new audience—far more effectively than going it alone.

Encouraged to buy

Providing free samples is a proven technique to increase sales. Verso.ink is designed to gently move readers to click through to Amazon and buy.

Focus on your craft.

Verso.ink doesn't allow cover images for posts (your cover will appear on Amazon links). That means a level playing field, less futzing with non-writing activities, and (wait for it) more writing.

Quality reading

Beautiful typography and subtle design keeps readers focused on your work—not distracted with ads. Verso.ink is designed to improve the readers' experience and give them a positive impression of your work.

You're in control

You (or your publisher) retains control over the copyright and can publish and un-publish whenever you want. Unselectable text reduces the chance of theft.

Think Verso.ink is a good fit? Let's get started.

Because we want to only highlight quality work, each submission is reviewed before it is published. Per our Community Standards we're looking for work that is well-written, properly edited, and appeals to a wide audience.

How to apply

Get started below by providing a first chapter, short story, or a favorite excerpt from your work. If approved, you will be provided credentials where you can login, upload a bio, add social media profiles, and links to your work on Amazon.